Replica watches-The new Air-King has a case and bracelet similar to the design on the Milgauss

Although fake Rolex began naming its watches the Air-King in 1945, it wasn't until 1958 that the Air-King appeared as a collection within the portfolio of watches offered by the Rolex brand.

Rolex replica founder Hans Wilsdorf initially saw the Air-King as a pilotí»s homage, unaware that it would later become one of the brandí»s oldest collections.

Air-King ref. Powered by a Rolex Calibre 3131. The 116900 has a special shield inside the case that protects against the effects of magnetic fields on the movement inside.

The case and bracelet of the new Air-King are similar in design to those on the Milgauss, so the fake Rolex 116900 has impressive anti-magnetic properties.

The Air-King debuted in 1945 as part of the fake Rolex brandí»s collection of Cheap replica watches produced to commemorate the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain. These watches include Air-Lion, Air-Tiger, Air-Giant and Air-King. The Air-King is the only model still in production to date, and what's most interesting is that the Rolex brand doesn't consider these early models to be the official start of the series.

The first Air-King model was codenamed ref. 4925, ref. 4499 and ref. 6653. Rarely seen on the market these days, it is no exception in the trend of highly sought after vintage fake Rolex watches. However, not all models with this model have Air-King on the dial. fake Rolex just often put the word Oyster next to Perpetual on many of these early models.

And since the history of the Air-King replica watches uk watch spans nearly 8 years, we do not go through the process of time, but explore the Air-King watch models that the fake Rolex brand has released, especially in this article Garbo Luxury will mention 5 Most Important Air-King Watch Codes!