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After a long time in existence, the Air-King collection is in the Rolex watch category as one of the brand's dedicated timepieces. But in the past, this was not always entirely true. Technically speaking, it is true that the Air-King is essentially a pilot's watch, but with its timeless design and affordable price tag, the Air-King is known as the Cheap Rolex replica watches that the company is offering. Over the decades of existence, unlike the Submariner, GMT-Master, the Air-King is loved by collectors in a very unique way.

Air-King watches are one of the earliest names in the Rolex family and the name first appeared in the 40s of the last century. After so many years, many models of Air-King replica watches with different codes and improvements have appeared. At the same time, the Air-King was also discontinued to give the Rolex brand time to overhaul the design of this watch line, bringing it back to its original role as a tool watch.

As an important watch line for the most famous watch brand on the planet like fake Rolex uk, the Air-King also has a fan base of its own. Therefore, Gia Bao Luxury brings this article to provide readers with more information about the history of development, values, and innovations that have appeared in the Air-King line so far to make the correct purchasing decision. best.

The Air-King is a watch honoring World War II pilots

Around the time of World War II and after, the Rolex brand released a line of replica watches with the name ¡°Air¡±. These watches are produced in honor of the Royal Air Force and its pilots. The watches go by the names Air-Lion, Air-Tiger, Air-Giant and Air-King, but the Air-King is the only one still in production to this day.

Air-King watches are always large in size

When the Rolex Air-King replica watches debuted as a standalone collection in 1958, it was 34mm in size. By current standards, 34mm is a small size but at the time it appeared, it was quite a large number. And when it was re-released in 2016, the new Air-King would have been 40mm in diameter.